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Red Flags to Look Out For

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Roofs are an essential part of any property. These are expensive as they are easily the biggest investment for most homeowners and business owners. That said, it is critical to have them regularly maintained, and any potential damage immediately addressed. If not, you will end up spending more than usual just to extend the life of your system. In this post, we will share roofing red flags you should be aware of to avoid neglecting your roofing.

  • Ponding. If water is stagnating on the roof surface, this is a sign that the roof is at risk of water damage. When water is left on the roof surface for an extended period, it exposes the roofing material to excessive moisture, weakening the roofing material due to leaks.

  • Water Leaks. Water damage can occur when excess moisture accumulates at the surface of a commercial rooftop. Over time, it can result in leaks, deterioration of roofing materials, and accumulation of dirt. Drainage issues on the roof often cause this.

  • Clogged Drainage. Roof repair companies say roofs are more prone to wear and tear when they don’t get regular maintenance service. One of the most common signs of a lack of maintenance is clogged drainage or gutters. So, keep in mind that you should pick up fallen leaves, branches, and other debris that accumulate on your commercial gutters, leading to clogs that cause water overflow.

  • Non-Maintenance Wear and Tear. Non-maintenance wear and tear can result from dirt and other organic litter that clogs the drains and creates soil conditions that allow trees and foliage to grow on the roofing. The latter is especially dangerous because the roots of plants could penetrate the roof membrane.

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