What Is Considered Storm Damage to a Roof?

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As a Georgia roofing company, we are no stranger to seasonal storms. From spring tornadoes to the occasional winter/ice storm, we see it all. Storm damage can significantly affect the structure of your roof, and the individuals underneath it. That is why we are always ready to help take care of your roof storm damage right away.

3 Common types of roof storm damage in Georgia

  1. Water Damage
    Moisture damage is the most common culprit and the easiest to spot. After heavy rainfall, it is possible that your entire home could be affected by water damage. To avoid mold, structural problems, and rotting, make sure you schedule a roof inspection right away. Remember: even a small leak can cause expensive problems down the road.
  2. Hail Damage
    After a hail storm, you may notice dings in your metal roof, dark spots on your shingle roof, or even cracks in your siding. Sometimes, roof hail damage can be difficult to identify and may even go undetected until more damage is done. Do not wait until it’s too late. Get one of our professionals to schedule a time to come out to take a look.
  3. Wind Damage
    Heavy winds are not only frightening, but they also ruin shingle roofs, especially in the event of a tornado. Strong winds are powerful enough to lift your shingles and even permanently misplace them, leaving empty space for water to travel into and causing leaks. Wind can also send flying debris to your roof, which could result in cracks, holes, and other problems.


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