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Signs That You Need Your Commercial Roof Repaired

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The most common types of commercial roofs are membrane or built-up roofs (BUR). Each has telltale signs of aging and damage that you should watch out for. Prevent serious roof failure and watch for these signs that you need commercial roof repair.

Exposed Tar Paper

f you have a built-up roof, look for any areas where the gravel has exposed the tar paper below. This can lead to increased decay and potential leaks. Because leaks are difficult to detect on this kind of roof, regular inspections are important. If you notice any piled up gravel or other unusual signs, check for soggy areas or damaged tar paper.

Ponding Water

Water is your roof’s greatest enemy, especially when you have a flat commercial roof. Not only can moisture work its way through any damaged portions of your roof, it also enhances the damage done by UV rays. If you see ponding water on your roof more than 48 hours after the last rain, you might need to have it inspected. Improper installation can lead to a wrongly sloped roof, causing ponding issues.

Cracks, Blisters, and More

For membrane roofs, it’s important to check for torn or cracked seams, missing fasteners, and blistering. As your building settles, heats, and cools, it expands and contracts. This can put a strain on your roofing membrane if it is not rated for good elastic properties. In some cases, this can lead to torn seams. Check near any structures or corners on your roof, as these areas tend to be weaker.

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