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Insurance: Roof Replacement Process

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Replacing your roof through insurance can seem like a daunting task, but the experts at S.C.I. Roofing & Construction are here to help.

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As a homeowner, it is always important to watch for damages to your home. Leaks and missing shingles are common signs of a damaged roof.

However, a professional roof inspection is necessary to catch specific and less noticeable damages to make sure a roof replacement is approved by insurance.

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Stay in Contact with Your Representative

Following your roof inspection, your representative can assist with the entire insurance process. This includes properly setting up the claim, reporting all damages, meeting with the claims adjuster, and more.

These steps are crucial to make sure your roof is approved by insurance. If a claim is filed incorrectly or some damages are missed, you may not receive everything that you are entitled to.

After your roof is approved by insurance and your deductible is paid, we will complete the roof replacement based on the insurance proceeds. This means your roof is replaced at no additional cost to you!

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