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How to Know When Your Porch Needs a New Roof


There are a few factors that residential homeowners should take into consideration when making the decision to reroof their porch. We’ll cover a few below.

The age of the roof

The age of the roof is a big determinant in knowing if your porch needs a new one. On an average, the roof lasts for about 20 to 25 years which of course tells you if you should get more repairs or replacement. However, the condition, the layers, the older roof beneath the latest roofing etc are also factors one should consider.

The valleys on the roof

These are the most important areas to know the life of the roof. When you have the valley roof completely broken and falling apart, it is time to invest in the new roofing system. The valley is the place where most of the leakages and gutter clutter happen. Thus one should ensure that they have the valleys completely roofed with strong shingles.


Have a closer look at the perfectly aligned shingles of the roof. If you have a number of dried out, curled and broken shingles it is time to get a new roof. Shingles lose their life when they start looking granular and thus become defective. Inspect the roof tiles well and determine if some repair would save the roof or complete change is the only option.

Check your drainage

Give a close inspection to the gutter to find if there are any broken pieces of shingles clogging the gutter or not. This will tell you if the shingles are becoming weak and breaking to clog the gutter. If you find a lot of pieces then the shingles of the roof are weak and breaking slowly making it a need to buy a new roof replacement.

The sunlight in the house

Most of the times a damaged roof is visible from the interior of the house too. Go inside the house and inspect the ceiling to find if there are rays of sunlight visible through the ceiling or not. A light shining from above is an indicator that the roof has leaks and needs repair. But if a lot of them go beyond repair, it’s time to invest in a new roof.

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