Athens, GA

Trial Gardens

The University of Georgia’s Trial Garden is located in the center of campus, near Athens, and is recognized for its innovative crop introductions such as the best-selling Homestead Verbena. New and unusual crops are on display for industry and consumers. 

The primary functions of the garden have always been research, teaching, and new crop introduction and that continues today. The garden is open to the public and professionals alike and detailed information on the plants we trial is available to all who are interested by visiting Garden Trials.

The show is a performance art installation with 21 installations that represent the origins of plants and their lifecycle. Each year features unique plant designs, making it possible for visitors to enjoy all of the seasons at once. The topiary garden has dozens of varieties ranging from dwarf conifers to palms while other gardens contain groundcovers, annuals and herbs.


The Trial Gardens are now open! Come by and see for yourself how these plants are faring. Admission is free. The South Deck offers parking per hour all year. You don’t need to book any appointments to visit; simply show up. At no point during the year do the gardens close or get locked up.

Due to Covid-19 please bring a face covering and practice safe distancing of 6ft when possible. 

The Trial Garden in Athens, GA is a great way to explore plants and promote biodiversity. Whether you’re looking for something new or want to learn more about the origins of crops, this garden has what you need. From topiaries to annuals and perennials, there are plenty of gardens on campus that make up the Trial Garden. 

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