Athens, GA


Normaltown, Athens is a historic neighborhood in Athens, Georgia. The area was developed in the late 19th century as a streetcar suburb of Athens. Today, Normaltown is a thriving commercial and residential district with a mix of businesses, restaurants, and turn-of-the-century homes.

Parks and Scenery

If you’re looking for a place to live in Athens, GA, you may want to consider moving to Normaltown. This trendy part of town is adjacent to the Cobham and Boulevard neighborhoods and is close to several hip restaurants and bars. Normaltown residents enjoy living in an area where they can walk to most areas of Athens, including downtown. A walkable neighborhood with a great location, Normaltown is popular with families, young professionals, and empty nesters.

Near downtown, you can visit the National Register-listed Prince Avenue house. This house was the residence of a controversial politician, who backed Southern Nationalism. This was an important event in Athens, as it helped lead to the creation of the Confederate States of America. The interior of the home is beautifully preserved, with period furnishings and decor. The home is also conveniently located on Prince Avenue, making exploring it easy.

Languages and Diversity

Normaltown is an attractive and diverse neighborhood in Athens, Georgia. Named after the State Normal School, this area was once home to the Navy Supply Corps school. Today, the neighborhood is home to the Health Sciences Campus of the University of Georgia. You’ll find a range of different food establishments, as well as many different businesses, from restaurants and coffee shops to hardware stores and booksellers.

Georgia has multiple dialects within its borders and has a large immigrant community. The official language of Georgia is Georgian, a literary language in the Kartvelian language family. Other ethnic groups include Azeris, Armenians, Russians, Ukrainians, Kists, and Greeks. Despite its homogeneous language policy, Georgia’s ethnic diversity is reflected in its culturally diverse society.

Income and Economy

The Selig Center for Economic Growth collects data on housing construction and other demographic and economic indicators. The data can be compared decade-to-decade. There are four department stores in the area, and over 100 shops. The area is home to several large employers, including the University of Georgia, Athens Regional Health System, St. Mary’s Health Care System, and Clarke County School District. In addition to these large employers, the normaltown area is home to many food and beverage businesses.

The median household income in Athens is $32,010. Most residents earn a living in management, arts, science, and business jobs. The median home value was $199,507 in January 2020, lower than the US average of $231,200. With moderate growth in wages and a rise in home values, the Athens economy should remain strong. However, Athens’ unemployment rate remains higher than the national average.

North Valley is another neighborhood in Athens, GA. It is located north of downtown, between the neighborhoods of Boulevard and Five Points. North Valley is a primarily residential neighborhood, with a mix of single-family homes and apartments. There are also a few businesses located in the neighborhood, including a grocery store, a coffee shop, and a few restaurants. 

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