Most Commonly Asked Roofing Questions

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There are a few questions in particular that come up.

“My roof is leaking—do I need to have the whole thing replaced?”

Sometimes the scariest thing is not knowing, and for homeowners who’ve sprung a leak, it’s hard to beat back visions of the whole roof collapsing before their very eyes. Thankfully, depending on the size and the location, you may be able to get away without a new roof.

“Why do I need to hire a professional? Can’t I do this work myself?”

  • You may seriously damage their roof. At their most innocuous, improperly nailed roofs can result in ripples, lifted shingles, and leaks. On the more serious side, there is potential for roof collapse and even bodily harm. A DIYer may have replaced a few shingles here and there, but they need to understand that roof work is a whole different animal.
  • It may not even be legal. Depending on the home’s location, the local jurisdiction may forbid the homeowner from doing roofing work on their homes by themselves, and certainly without a license.
  • You may void a manufacturer’s warranty. Improper installations result in so many roofing replacements that manufacturers often won’t cover a roof that isn’t installed by a licensed contractor.

“Can you roof over my existing shingles?”

  • Shingles must be laid as flat as possible to be effective. 
  • Shingles add weight to roofs. Here’s a factoid to remember: every 100 square feet of quality roofing adds 350 to 450 pounds of weight.
  • A tear-off will allow you to inspect the underlayment and decking. 
  • Reroofing may void warranties or create problems come inspection time. 

“How much will it cost?”

Our material differences that can affect project costs, and it depends on how steep roofs are or remote locations, and heavier materials.

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