Interior Signs of Roof Damage

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Are you worried about potential roof damage?

Roof issues are common because many factors raise the risk of roof damage. As a homeowner, you should pay attention to common risk factors like old building materials, stormy weather, and little to no upkeep.

Sometimes spotting the damage isn’t an easy task. Especially when you have a roof that doesn’t allow safe access without proper gear and safety harnesses. Then you need to observe the interior signs of potential roof damage.

Now we are going to list the significant signs of roof damage that you can identify in the interior of your home. Finding problem areas is important because leaving the unaddressed damage increases the chance of significant expenses in the long run.

1. Paint Starts Peeling

A common sign of roof damage is the peeling of paint on your walls and ceilings. In the early stages, you can discover simple blisters that haven’t popped yet. When the damage has advanced, the paint may have wholly peeled off and exposed the underlying surface.

2. Formation of Water Puddles

When the leaks in your roof have become more serious, you could start dealing with water puddles under the affected areas in your home. The quickest remedy is collecting the water in a bucket. But once the rainstorm is over, you need to take action to fix your roof.

These puddles are not only ruining the affected flooring. The water puddles significantly raise the risk of slip and fall injuries. It is important to note when you have young children or older people in your household.

3. Light Entering Your Attic

A simple test is shutting off the lights in your attic during the daytime. When you spot that any light enters the attic, it may be the right time to get the holes or cracks fixed.

Sooner or later, these openings will start letting in rainwater. The resulting processes may begin breaking down the roofing material even further, resulting in formidable repair expenses.

4. Excess Moisture

Roof damage often results in gaps between the roofing materials. These openings will allow excess moisture to enter your property. As the humidity is higher, some items in your household may acquire moisture damage.

5. Mold Growth

As noted, roof issues often cause increased moisture levels in your home. The additional effect of this is a heightened risk of mold growth. That’s because mold spores need extra moisture to start growing.

Typical signs of mold growth include a musty smell, allergic reactions, and visual signs of mold on your home’s surfaces. It’s important to get mold remediation services and fix the roof at the first opportunity.

6. Damaged Roof Structures

When you have a leaking roof, the intruding water can create severe structural damage. It’s recommended to check your exterior trim, wall framing, ceiling joists, rafters, and fascia boards for damage.

When there is a constant water intrusion in your home, the wooden components start rotting and get much weaker over time. A steady accumulation of these damages may lead to roof failure.

Repairing the structural damage should always go hand in hand with fixing the root cause. Otherwise, the repaired or replaced structures will start acquiring the destruction all over again.

7. Growing Energy Bills

There are many potential reasons for increased utility bills. Roof damage is one possible cause that may go undetected for a long time. It is very common in climate-controlled properties, warn Avalon Management.

When the insulation of the roof gets damaged or has worn away, your HVAC unit needs to work harder to maintain the same temperature. In the process, your household energy consumption may increase dramatically.

8. Unsightly Stains

Water intrusion is likely to stain the different areas of your home. Usually, the stains are prominent on the ceiling surfaces. These blotches can be brown, grey, or yellow. It’s time to check your roofing situation whenever you find an unexplained ceiling or wall stains in your home.

In a Nutshell: Interior Signs Of Roof Damage

The exterior of your roof may be hard to access. It would be best if you watched out for signs of roof damage that appear inside your living quarters. When you spot any worrying symptoms, look into the matter as soon as you can. It’s better to solve these issues quickly before they cause more significant expenses.

These are the most common interior signs of roof trouble damage:

  • There is mold growing inside your home.
  •  Water puddles start forming on the floors.
  • Your energy bills are increasing seemingly without a reason.
  • Paint on your ceilings and walls has started peeling.
  • The interior roof structures are damaged.
  • You can see the light entering your attic.
  • There are ugly stains on the ceiling.
  • Your home’s moisture levels are on the rise.

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