Athens, GA

Green Acres

Green Acres neighborhood near Athens is a quiet and friendly neighborhood. The residents are close-knit and there is a strong sense of community. There are plenty of activities to keep everyone busy, from picnics in the park to block parties. The streets are well-maintained and the homes are well-kept. It’s a great place to raise a family or retire.

Parks and Scenery

If you’re looking for parks and scenery in Athens, Georgia, you’ve come to the right place. The UGA Intramural Fields lead to a serene park. Just across the street, UGA’s North Campus features historic buildings and a huge green space. A peaceful spot, the grassy lawn offers a great place to relax and read a book.

The Green Acres neighborhood, Athens’ oldest residential development, has beautiful gardens and scenic landscapes. Residents of this neighborhood are mostly English, although they also report German, Irish, and Cuban ancestry. A small percentage of residents also claim Sub-Saharan African ancestry. While many people visit the Athens Art Museum, the Georgia Museum of Art exhibits vibrant murals.

Languages and Diversity

The neighborhood’s diversity is reflected in the languages and cultures of its residents. English is the primary language spoken in Green Acres, but residents also report traces of German, Irish, and Cuban ancestry. Additionally, a large percentage of the residents report a mix of ancestry, with a combined total of 17.8% reporting African American, Latino, Asian, and Sub-Saharan African origins.

Income and Economy

Approximately 50.1% of Green Acres neighborhood residents commute to work one way. This is significantly less than the time most Americans spend traveling to and from work. In terms of the number of households, Green Acres is home to a diverse population. Residents report a mix of ancestry, from Irish and German to Cuban and Sub-Saharan African.

In Athens, income tax rates are slightly higher than the US average, but the city’s low cost of living makes it an attractive place to live. Home values are affordable; the median home value in January 2020 was $199,507, slightly below the US average of $231,200. The Athens transit system provides intracity bus service seven days a week. There is also free transit around the UGA campus. Southeastern Stages offers intercity bus service, and Megabus offers low-cost curb-bus service to Atlanta and Charlotte.

Westchester neighborhood is another great place in Athens, GA. This close-knit community is filled with families and young professionals and is known for its great schools and parks. There are plenty of things to do in Westchester, from shopping at the local boutiques to exploring the nearby trails. Come see why this neighborhood is such a great place to call home!

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