Covington, GA

Cricket Frog Trail

The Cricket Frog Trail is a 1.2-mile loop trail located in Covington, Georgia. The trail is named for the cricket frogs that can often be heard singing along the trail. The trailhead is located at the parking lot for the Covington Recreation Department. The trail winds through wooded areas and open fields, and features several benches where hikers can take a break and enjoy the views. The trail is open to hikers, joggers, and leashed dogs. For those looking for a longer hike, the Cricket Frog Trail connects to the Bay Creek Trail, which extends for another 2 miles.

What To Do

Cricket Frog Trail is a beautiful spot that is perfect for a nature hike or a picnic lunch. The trail is well-marked and easy to follow, and it winds through a dense forest with a creek running alongside. Along the way, you’ll see plenty of birds and other wildlife, and you may even spot a deer or two. The trail is also a great place for photography, as there are many scenic spots where you can stop and take in the view. When you’re finished exploring the Cricket Frog Trail, be sure to visit the nearby antique shops and restaurants in Covington. There’s something for everyone in this charming little town.


Just a short drive from Atlanta, Cricket Frog Trail is a nature lover’s paradise. The trailhead is located at the Covington Mill Pond, where visitors can see a variety of fish, turtles, and frogs. From there, the trail follows along a stream for about a mile before ending at a scenic waterfall. Along the way, hikers can also enjoy views of the wooded hillsides and wildflowers that line the trail. In addition to its natural beauty, Cricket Frog Trail is also home to a number of historical attractions. The remains of an old gristmill and an old cotton Gin can be seen along the stream, and there are also several abandoned mineshafts dotting the hillside. For those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Cricket Frog Trail is the perfect place to explore.

Plan Your Visit

Cricket Frog Trail is perfect for a day trip. The trailhead is located just off of I-20, making it easily accessible. Once on the trail, you will be able to enjoy views of the nearby lake and woods. The trail is also great for birdwatching, as there are many different species of birds that make their home in the area. There is also a small playground located near the trailhead, making it a perfect spot for families with young children.

The Cricket Frog Trail is a great place to get some exercise and enjoy the beauty of nature. The trail is well-maintained and easy to follow, and it offers stunning views of the river and the surrounding forest. It’s also a great place to see wildlife, including many species of birds and mammals. In conclusion, the Cricket Frog Trail is a great place to visit for anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors.

Another exciting place to explore in Covington is the Covington Square. The square is home to a variety of shops and restaurants, as well as a number of historic buildings. One of the most popular attractions in the square is the Covington courthouse, which was built in 1836. The courthouse is now a museum, and it houses a number of interesting exhibits.

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