Ayers Park

On Friday, May 14th of 2021, Town of Between and Walton County officials cut the ribbon of the new “Splash Pad park” on Heritage Parkway in the Town of Between. Nearly one hundred people came out for the dedication of the Clinton Ayers Park. Mr. Ayers was the District 1 commissioner for many years prior to his death in 2016. Members of the Ayers family attended the ceremony to honor their loved ones. The park began its operation on a limited schedule in may of 2021.

Pet-Friendly Park

Ayers Park is a pet-friendly dog park. Featuring separate areas for both large and small dogs, your dogs are welcome to run off-leash without any restraints. Inside the dog park are a small selection of dog agility equipment and a dog waste station. However, your pets must be under voice control and supervised by someone at least 16 years of age.

Visitors’ Reviews

Let’s go through some of the reviews that visitors have left:

Regina N Wilson : “Was not what I expected and very was extremely impressed with the splash pad. My grandbabies had the BEST time so I was happy. The only setback is that it could be a lil bit bigger, kind of small and there should be a playground and such. Looked around and plenty of space for more for the little kiddies. I was pleasantly surprised though because we could let my 4 yr. old grandson let go without worry so we will go back.”

Kerin Bair: “Relatively safe place for my 4 year old to enjoy himself! I’m hoping that with more time, the park will get more seating for all the adults. Great new addition for parents and their kids to enjoy some water play!”

Maghan Spivey: “So far we have had no problems with this place. They only allow 200 people at a time and so if you show up and there is 200 people inside you have to wait in line until someone leaves. We have not had to wait long at all. I am so happy they have built this, now us loganvillians have something to do. We will most definitely be going all summer. They offer a family pass for 200 and I might have to get it. Since we live here in Walton county it was 3$ a person of you don’t live here in Walton it’s $4 so not bad prices at all!! I do suggest bringing a chair with a umbrella if you have one.”

Safe to say, the residents of the area are enjoying the park, and it is a place you can’t afford to miss if you are in the town.

Contact Walton County Parks and Recreation for details of the operation.