3 Things Proactive Property Managers Want To Know About Roofs

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Cost of an annual roof walk for preventive maintenance?

The cost of a roof walk check is going to vary depending on the size of the apartment complex. If you have a number of buildings, the unit investment is going to be lower.

Tenant communication is key in roof work

The ideal client for us is one who is proactive. They want to maintain their building. They want to keep their tenants happy. And they see the value of having a roof system that keeps water, snow, and ice out because that is much cheaper than having to come back and fix it.

Starting a roof repair can highlight other maintenance issues

We have had tenants approach our roofing crews and ask, ‘Ok that’s great you are getting the roof fixed but when are you going to come back and fix the damage inside my unit from the leaks?

Local codes and requirements for roofs

In some states, each community may adopt its own building codes and standard requirements. So you do have variation in requirements. Property management has to be sure and check all locally applicable codes and requirements.

Top 3 questions property managers ask when they call a roofer

No. 1 – Can we do a localized repair rather than replace the whole roof?

That is usually your first fear, that we are going to come back and say everything needs to be redone. And sometimes that is the case but usually, we are able to do one plane or face of the roof, or in a flat roof just a section of it as far as repairs go. Localized repair rather than replace the whole roof? Our experience with flat roofs is that if we can catch it early enough we can do roof restoration. If maintenance is deferred too long then we are looking for a replacement. And there is a tremendous difference in cost.

No. 2 – How much will it cost?

Money is always an issue. Can it be a localized repair, and what will it cost?

No. 3 – How quickly can you get it done?

If it is a leak they want us there immediately to at least stop the leak and then come back when it is not raining to do the repairs.

With the property managers that we deal with it really has been nice that for the most part, they are proactive.

They are looking ahead for their budget for next year. They want us to walk their roofs and give them our honest opinion about the condition of the roofs and what they can do to maintain them rather than having to replace them.

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