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Category: Commercial Roofing

    Commercial Roofing Damage

    The roof that presides atop your commercial building acts as its first line of protection from Mother Nature’s elements and represents a significant financial investment. Your roof is also the most vulnerable part of your building and is daily exposed to elements that foster deterioration and decay, increasing the...

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    Simple Strategies to Start Roof Maintenance

    Roof maintenance is one of the most easily neglected, yet most important, steps you can take to preserve your business. Your roof shelters your entire company. Getting into the mindset of routine roof maintenance is surprisingly simple.

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    Free Roof Inspections – A Homeowners’ Guide To Roof Inspections

    You think you need a new roof. You call for a quote and some guys from the roofing company pay you a visit. They say they need to do a roof inspection. They go outside and walk around your house for a while.

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    How a Spring Commercial or Residential Roof Inspection Can Save You Money

    Do you know how well your roof fared over the past four or five months? There is no better time to find out! Spring is an ideal time to check for any winter damage or necessary general maintenance so that you can address any problems now and expand the...

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    5 Commercial Roofing Tips to Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

    Consider the right type of roofing Commercial roofs are commonly made of steel, copper, and metal. Tiles made from clay, rubber or concrete can also be used. Consult your roofing expert on the best products for your building. They will help you choose a roofing material that offers high...

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    Signs That You Need Your Commercial Roof Repaired

    The most common types of commercial roofs are membrane or built-up roofs (BUR). Each has telltale signs of aging and damage that you should watch out for. Prevent serious roof failure and watch for these signs that you need commercial roof repair. Exposed Tar Paper f you have a...

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    Water: Public Enemy #1 For Commercial Roofs

    Breaking it down to its core, the roof is essentially a waterproofing mechanism for an institutional and commercial building. The basic expectation is that a roof will keep building occupants dry and the building’s contents protected. Virtually any type of roofing system does its job on a dry day,...

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